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Often when a significant personal insight is gained we tend to cling to it; “Ah this is the idea that will change my life—I must never, ever, ever forget this!” We write it down, try to memorize it, and commit to reviewing it every day—or perhaps even have it tattooed on our body!

Yes, it is absolutely vital to gain personal insight, inspiration, and to learn new ways to be, but the honest truth is that the meaning this amazing new idea, revelation, or concept had at one point will most likely fade. The important thing to note is not so much the idea itself, but the way it came about—we are just a little bit off in our assessment of how to gain and maintain direction in our life. Learning ways to not necessarily cling to these ideas themselves (although, of course, remembering and applying them is vital), but as often as possible to put our self in positions to be consistently gaining these personal insights and “direction” towards our true path, trusting they will be there for us when we need them.

The next time a revolutionary, incredible new idea comes up, while remembering the idea itself, also notice where you are, what you are doing, and how this insight was able to come about and make every effort to get yourself there (or similar places/circumstances) as often as possible! Fully trusting that the beautiful, glorious insights that we will need for that day, point in time, or period of life will come.

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