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Updated: Jul 20, 2019

The Body Remembers, The Body Keeps the Score, The Body Knows. All popular books on the research that has been done in relation to the mind-body connection. We live so well in our minds and are very good with disconnecting from our body. We actually have two more brains--one in our heart and one in our gut. We put so much effort into making our bodies attractive to other people, yet do we truly value our own body and if we value someone, we listen to them. Our culture tends to be very headstrong. Do we listen to our own body? Take what we eat for instance: Do we eat what is pleasurable in the mouth and throat, but as soon as it gets to the stomach we instantly regret it and our body pays the price for those few minutes of pleasure. Most of us continue to do this over and over even though it causes us to feel poorly, especially after years of doing this to ourself. Our energy level drops and we can even become chronically ill for eating the wrong things over a long period of time. This is dangerous, seriously dangerous to our well being. Our body lets us know when things are not right. We all can relate to saying yes to something and immediately knowing that we should have said no. It is a "visceral" reaction. But if we are so disconnected that we no longer register or notice this somatic reaction we miss vital social cues and can even get into dangerous situations from not listening to our body.

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